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Colony Health - Diseases, Viruses, CCD

What’s Happening To The Bees? Part 2

First published in: American Bee Journal, March 2014

We Are Two Adaptive Species Honey Bees Are Designed For Rapid Adaptation The Human-Facilitated Realized Niche Of The Bee The Natural Limiting Factors Of The Honey Bee Population Limiting Factor: The Weather Limiting Factor: Predation Limiting Factor: Competition For Nest Cavities Limiting Factor: Carrying Capacity Of The Habitat Limiting Factor: Reproductive Success Rate Limiting Factor: […]

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Sick Bees – Part 18F7: Colony Collapse Revisited – Pesticide Exposure

First published in: American Bee Journal, October and November 2013

Pesticide Exposure Oh No, Not Pesticides Again! Reality Checks The Two Worlds of Beekeeping Pesticides and Bee-pocalypse A Comparison To Some “Control Groups” The Four Horsemen And The Tip Point Could Pesticides Cause Colony Mortality And CCD? Short Memories The Heart Of The Hive – The Nursery Industry’s Arguments But Don’t We Already Know That […]

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What’s Happening To The Bees – Part 3

First published in: American Bee Journal, April 2014

Setting The Stage: The Origins Of The Players Early Changes in The Honey Bee Niche Due To Humans The Human Deforestation Of Europe Adaptation And Change In Business The Creation Of A Niche For Bee-keeping The Domestication Of The Honey Bee The Price Of Domestication Acknowledgements Citations and Footnotes Randy OliverScientificBeekeeping.com In the last installment […]

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