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DWV sampling instructions

Dear U.S. beekeeper,

Recent studies by Dr. Stephen Martin and associates have found that there is apparently a benign form of DWV that can out compete the virulent form, thus allowing colonies to survive despite varroa infestation.

If this is true, it raises the possibility that we may be able to minimize the effect of varroa by inoculating our colonies with the benign form of DWV.

We obtained funding from Project Apism to survey bee colonies across the U.S. to determine the distribution of the strains of DWV. We’re especially interested in adult bee samples from feral and survivor stock that have survived for some time without treatment. We also need reference samples from “normal” managed apiaries.

If you are interested in contributing samples, please write to Randy at randy@randyoliver.com, with the word “kit” in the subject line, the sort(s) of hive(s) that you’re able to sample, and the state in which the hives are located. Please also include your mailing address.

I will reply, and send a postpaid sampling kit. It should take less than an hour of your time to contribute to this research.

Please print out these sampling instructions

Sampling Instructions PDF

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