Pesticide exposure pathways

Sorry for the low resolution of this snip of this Powerpoint slide that I created for a presentation.  I’ve color coded the ellipses and arrows.  Red is the pesticide active ingredient.  Blue is the initial mode of exposure.  Orange are the ages/temporal tasks of the bees involved.  Green are the contaminated foods or combs. Note […]

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International Websites of Interest

I’m open to suggestions for interesting websites on beekeeping in countries other than the U.S. to link to–please email me suggestions. Ukraine:A commercial honey sales website, but with a nice summary of the history of beekeeping in that country   Share:

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Tips for Citizen Scientists

Tips for Designing Bee Research Projects Randy Oliver Revised March 15, 2015 Beekeepers are known for being of curious and experimental minds. Since factors affecting beekeeping are continually changing, new unanswered questions are bound to arise; the beekeeper “citizen scientist” can often answer them himself by performing a well-designed experiment, and then share those results […]

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What’s Happening with the Bees 2015

2015 What’s Happening Auburn Share:

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