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Aging and Thermoregulation

Old Bees/ Cold bees/ No bees? Part 2

Old Bees/ Cold Bees/ No Bees? Part 2 © Randy Oliver ScientificBeekeeping.com First Published in ABJ in July 2008 One day during his tenure as a professor, Albert Einstein was visited by a student. “The questions on this year’s exam are the same as last year’s!” the young man exclaimed. “Yes,” Einstein answered, “but this […]

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Old Bees/ Cold Bees/ No Bees? Part 1

The Disease that Disappears. 1 The Disappearing Act 2 Colony Population Dynamics and Collapse. 3 Dwindling—What a difference a few days make! 5 Foragers have a short warranty. 7 Protein levels. 9 General infections. 9 Parasites. 10 Viruses. 10 Hot-Blooded Ladies. 12 The Bottom Line. 15 Acknowledgements. 15 References. 16   Old Bees/ Cold bees/ […]

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