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I appreciate when readers notify me of glitches or typos on this site, or suggested improvements.  I also appreciate discussion with experienced beekeepers and researchers on fine points, and will ask your permission to add comments which I feel add to the site.

Unfortunately, I do not have the time to answer basic beginning beekeeper questions, as I am not funded by any agency. If you email me with questions about beekeeping, please have the courtesy to donate to this site to cover my time.  Thank you!

My email is randy “at” randyoliver.com  (you’ll need to replace the “at”)


Please Donate Here

I am also running field trials to collect needed data for alternative mite control, and better pollen supplements.

Taking colonies out of production is costly, as is the hiring of assistants.

I am happy to accept donations to help cover the costs of research.

You can donate via Paypal here:

For personal checks, in the memo, please write “Gift towards research” (so that your donation doesn’t get double taxed).

Make them out to, and mail to:

Scientific Beekeeping
14744 Meadow Dr.
Grass Valley, CA 95945

Thank you!