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Handy calculators and simulation models

I’ve created some calculators and models of use to beekeepers and researchers.

Randy’s Amino Acid Calculator

Always use the most current version, as I continually improve, correct, and update the calculator  — many thanks to beekeeper Yannis Petrakis from Crete, Greece for testing it and pointing out errors and improvements! Current version (updated 31 May 2023)  Randys-amino-acid-ratio-calculator-V2023-c In my research on pollen subs, I’ve come to find that some outperform others. […]

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Starting colony buildup calculator

I wrote about initial colony buildup at https://scientificbeekeeping.com/modeling-nuc-buildup/  I created a spreadsheet model that allows you to estimate and visualize how different methods of starting colonies affects the colony age structure and growth.  I works for package, nucs started with laying queens, queen cells, or walkaway splits. Nuc calculator May 2022

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Sugar syrup calculator

The math is sometimes confusing for the mixing of sugar syrups. I’ve created a calculator that allow you to quickly determine how much granulated sugar or commercial 77% solids sugar syrup to add to create a specified amount of sugar syrup at any desired concentration. Download the spreadsheet here:  @Syrup calculator

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Randy’s Varroa Model

I feel that our industry and research community has long needed a useful, accurate, and user-friendly varroa population model–so I spent a year of early mornings and weekends creating this one.  You can use this model to predict what sort of mite management strategy will work in your area. Be sure to view the tutorials […]

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