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Nosema ceranae

Sick Bees Part 17: Nosema – The Smoldering Epidemic

First published in: ABJ April 2012

The Scientific Method Effect of the Invasion Why Would Nosema ceranae Not Cause Problems? Understanding Nosema Understanding the Honey Bee Superorganism Nosema and Energy Metabolism Nosema and Protein Metabolism References Part B Randy OliverScientificBeekeeping.com You may have noticed that I’m doing a sort of “about face” in my assessment of the impact of Nosema ceranae […]

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“Fried Eggs” Identified!

Randy OliverScientificBeekeeping.com I mentioned in my previous article that I’ve been seeing an unidentified organism that looked like “fried eggs”  in the guts of bees from my operation in the California foothills (Figure 1).  I sent out requests to a number of researchers for ideas as to what it was.  Thanks to Antonio Gómez Pajuelo […]

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Sick Bees 17A: Nosema – The Smoldering Epidemic

First published in: American Bee Journal, March 2012

Randy OliverScientificBeekeeping.com The “Invisible” Infection Something Changed This Decade Historical Prevalence of Nosema Was Nosema ceranae a Game Changer? References The latest National Honey Bee Diseases Survey found that as many as seven out of ten U.S. colonies were infected by Nosema ceranae in late winter and spring (Rennich 2011).  It appears that the “new […]

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