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About Randy

About me

To start with, among other things, I’m a honey bee researcher, so if you’re not comfortable with honey bees being around, read no more

I’m a healthy, youthful, happy, high-energy, and loving guy, finally over the heartache of losing my beloved wife.  So I’m now looking for a new life partner and soul mate with whom to share my exciting, productive, and joyful days.

I am a biologist, nature lover, family man, teacher, inventor, writer, gardener, and builder.  My friends would describe me as the busiest guy they know, and the guy who gets things done. The answer man to any question. Playful and funny.  My joy is sharing with others – I’ve always been a teacher and giver.  Helpful, loving, sharing. Widely loved by many.

I maintain amicable relationships with those with whom I’ve been in previous relationships.  They, and the women that I work with, will all vouch for my loving good nature, honesty, and trustworthiness.  And if you’re familiar with the five love languages, mine is clearly touch  —  hugs and intimacy warm my soul.

Disclaimer: My eharmony photo is from 2018 , but it best captures my essence.  Here are some more from this year.

Possible Incompatibilities

Since I’m not in any way trying to seduce you (and have no desire to waste our time), please let me share some things about me and my lifestyle that might suggest incompatibility:

  • I’m a honey bee researcher (writer and international invited speaker). You’d need to be OK with being around honey bees. 
  •  If you’re looking for a quiet life in front of the TV, read no more.  I’m a high-energy, high IQ, vibrant, scientifically-minded guy, biologically about 10 years younger than my chronological age, lean and very active, and I work nonstop — so am not the right partner for a low self-esteem or low-energy lady (although I’m an intense and focused hard worker, I’m also very happy and humorous, always smiling, laughing, and joking).
  • I’ve got many skills.  And just like the cobbler who can’t find time to shoe his children, my houses are in various stages of remodeling and disarray.
  • Although I’m financially set up, I live a simple, rustic, eco-friendly lifestyle, and wear my jeans for more than one day at a time.
  • I am looking for someone who wants to move to my place.  I’ve got a rural property in the California foothills (Grass Valley), where we get a bit of snow in the winter.  I grow a large garden and orchard, and am looking for a partner who would enjoy being involved and engaged in the garden and the property (woodsy with a lovely view).
  • I’m more of a cat person than a dog person.  I like the wildlife around my home, and don’t want a dog scaring everything off.
  • I’m not the right person for someone who is intimidated by intelligence, or put off by me being so engaged in my research, writing, shop work, and property maintenance.  I can also be kinda messy, since I always have so many projects in the works.
  • As far as a partner, I’d prefer an energetic, physically active, preferably lean, and affectionate woman who enjoys a simple rustic, eco-friendly lifestyle.  I follow the Golden Rule, but have no interest in organized religion.


More about me

I’m likeable, happy, and appreciated by others.  I’ve got no issues or traumas, and am responsible and caring.  I exemplify the Scout Laws (I’m the inverse of our ex-president).  You will never hear an untruth cross my lips.

I’m an ex hippy child of the ’60s, now a responsible, environmental, fiscally-conservative, socially-liberal adult.  I was raised to honor and respect women, and have no desire to dominate a relationship.

I’ve got many skills, and am highly competent, capable, and accomplished.  I’m always happy, free of stress, loving, generous, and looking for a soul mate and partner to share the everyday joys of life with — like a new flower blooming, or the taste of the first fruits from my orchard, or a beautiful sunset.

I live on a dream property with garden, orchard, and a view, am in good health, and financially stable.  I’ve got two houses next to each other (one vacant since my mother passed away), and I’d be happy to remodel either one to my new partner’s likings.

I’ve handed my sons our beekeeping business, so am now free to follow my passion of performing honey bee research and providing scientific information to beekeepers worldwide.  My sons run the business from my property (one lives next door), so we often have visitors and things going on at the property.

I lead a simple, frugal, rustic life, in an older house – nothing fancy (other than traveling to speak).  I’m early to bed, early to rise.  In my office before sunrise, cranking data, writing, email correspondence, and reading scientific papers.  After breakfast, in and out for the rest of the day.  Other than the news, I watch very little TV.  Back in for dinner, which I enjoy cooking.  I love spending evenings watching a movie together with the one I love.

I’m home or nearby most days, and don’t go to town much, but do travel to speaking engagements, which I try to limit to no more than once a month.

I respect and honor women, and have worked with ladies most of my life.  I’m well liked and loved – any of my ex’s or female coworkers will give me a thumbs up.

The partner I’m looking for

My previous relationships have been based upon love, attractiveness, and intimacy, but after signing up for eharmony, I realize that I’d be wise to find someone whose energy and personality traits match mine.  I’m a likeable guy, so I’m not desperate or trying to sell myself, seduce or mislead you, so I will be honest and straightforward.  I do not want to waste your time or mine.

As far as relationship, since I’m a brainy, strong guy, I want an equally strong, self-assured partner who can stand up for herself, and communicate and articulate her feelings and wants.  I don’t argue or criticize, and have zero desire to dominate or always get my way.

Although I  very much love doing things together, I need a partner who also has her own interests and hobbies to happily entertain herself while I’m working on my own projects.  I’m far more interested in an active tomboy “country girl” in dirty jeans than a beauty queen in high heels.  I want a gal who doesn’t mind getting dirt on her hands, and will enjoy working in the garden and orchard with me, and be my third hand when I’m working on projects (and ditto for me helping with yours).

I ain’t perfect, and don’t expect you to be either.  I want my partner to accept me in full as I am, and I will do the same in return.  I don’t want to merely love my partner, I want to be in love with her every moment of my life!


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