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Nuc, package, and queen sales and pick up instructions

Bee Sales by Golden West Bees

2024  Announcement:  We are now collaborating with Olivarez Honey Bees to produce queens from our chosen breeders, mated in a dedicated isolated mating yard stocked with our own drone mother colonies.  Please contact them for large orders.  For nuc sales, please contact Eric at oliverhoneysales@gmail.com

We are a small short-staffed family business, not nearly as polished as the “big boys,” but we do proudly produce and sell top-quality nucs, and a limited number of packages and queens.

Eric, Randy, and Ian


Eric has now taken over handling all sales.

Email:  In general, contact Eric at oliverhoneysales (at) gmail.com (address protected from spambots).

Phone: If you need to call in order to coordinate pick up please contact Eric at 530 277 5004.Map