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Tips for Citizen Scientists

Tips for Designing Bee Research Projects

Beekeepers are known for being of curious and experimental minds. Since factors affecting beekeeping are continually changing, new unanswered questions are bound to arise; the beekeeper “citizen scientist” can often answer them himself by performing a well-designed experiment, and then share those results to the benefit of everyone. But for the results of any experiment to be meaningful, it is important that the experiment follow certain scientific principles. I’ve written up a sheet of tips for the citizen scientist.  You can download it at:


I’ve also put together a Powerpoint presentation on “how to do” bee research (for both beekeepers and academics).  I’ve posted the slides, without my voice over (the presentation takes an hour and a half), at:

2021 Tips for Bee Research

For grad students and other researchers, as well as interested beekeepers, I’ve also put together a list (Word doc) of applied research questions that are screaming for someone to answer!

@Research Priorities