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First year beekeeping

Updated May 9, 2015.  I continually update this page, so please refer to the current version.  For mite treatment options, scroll down. This page provides some quick step-by-step notes for your first year of beekeeping, written specifically for those starting with a nucleus hive or package bees purchased from me, but generally applicable. First, educate […]

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The Rules Redux

My recent article, “The Rules for Successful Beekeeping,” got more response (overwhelmingly favorable) than all my previous articles combined!  (I’ve received requests to reprint it in several foreign countries, including a translation into Serbian!).  What I also discovered is that there are a few beekeepers suffering from advanced cases of HDD—Humor Deficit Disorder.  This is […]

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The “Rules” For Successful Beekeeping

Advice for recreational beekeepers Randy Oliver In my articles I chronicle my own process of self-education in becoming a successful beekeeper—which has been much more difficult since the invasion of varroa.  The learning curve has been brutal—there were times when I thought that I was the worst beekeeper in the world (although that notion […]

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Nuc, package, and queen sales and pick up instructions

Revised May 9, 2015 Sorry–sold out for 2015.  We’ve been overwhelmed by orders and reached the limit of number of frames of bees that we can sell in nucs while maintaining our own number of hives.   Bee Sales by Golden West Apiaries We are a small short-staffed family business, not nearly as polished as the […]

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Beginning Beekeeping Class Notes

I’ve taught beginning beekeeping classes for many years.  Over those years, I’ve made an outline of notes.  I’ve put them into pdf format for your viewing or printout.  These are rough notes, but are searchable for subject matter, as well as having a table of contents. Share:

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Announcements and local classes

Updated March 27, 2015 I will be teaching a Beginning Beekeeping class in Grass Valley on Sat April 4, followed with field sessions.  Email me for details. Randy Share:

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