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A good blog on GMO’s–another hot topic.


October 8, 2013

“As with any new technology, the development and commercialization of biotech crops is a story about people.  Its a story about people with ideas and vision; people who did hard and creative work; people who took career or business risks, and people who integrated this new technology into the complex business of farming…
Many narratives about “GMOs” leave out the people side, presenting it instead as some faceless, monolithic phenomenon devoid of human inspiration, intention and influence. That’s not how it happened.  Other narratives about “GMOs” demonize those who made biotech crops a reality. Such portrayals are neither fair or accurate.  The real stories of these people matter, because trust in a technology is greatly influenced by what people believe about those behind it.


800-lb Gorillas and Biotechnology

May 25, 2013

Plant scientist Steve Savage has been blogging to tell it like it really is with regard to pesticide and biotech issues.  I highly recommend his posts for good, factual information.

What Happened to the Bees this Spring?

April 18, 2013  

The news is rife with the shortage of bees for almond pollination this spring.  Were the neonicotinoid insecticides to blame?

Key words: colony collapse, almond, pollination, pollinators, CCD, neonicotinoid, pesticides

The Birds and the Bees

April 3, 2013 

Are the neonicotinoid insectides the cause of bird decline?  (I wrote this blog as a response to an email from a good friend who is a leader of the organic farming movement, and thus the discussion of the Big Picture of agricultural practices.)

The Harvard Study on Imidacloprid and CCD

Researchers at the Harvard Medical School attempted to “prove” that unsubstantiated insecticide residues were the cause of Colony Collapse Disorder.  I review the study, and ask the authors to explain their study as would a referee in a standard peer review. 

“Zombie Bees”

A parasitic fly was recently discovered to be infesting honey bees– the press wildly extrapolated it into being the cause of CCD.  I’ve kept in touch with the researchers in San Francisco, and with beekeepers in the affected areas.  The study is ongoing.