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Almond Pollination

Determining The Relative Value of Hives for Almond Pollination

First published in: American Bee Journal, October 2018

Randy Oliver ScientificBeekeeping.com CONTENTS A Revisit of Sheesley and Poduska Sheesley and Poduska’s Data Sheesley’s Conclusion Citations and Notes As we approach time to line up almond contracts, we should be setting prices based upon hard data. Growers pay for fertilizer by the pound, water by the acre-foot, and for labor by the piece rate. […]

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2012 Almond Pollination Update

First published in: American Bee Journal, April 2012

Who woulda thunk, what with all the lousy weather last spring, widespread summer drought, the reports of massive queen failures, the disastrous honey crop, and the high winter losses of the past few years, that there would have been enough colonies for almond pollination this winter? But to most everyone’s surprise, there was! It seems […]

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Almonds 2008

I feel that it’s arrogant and pretentious for any author to have more than one article at a time published in this magazine. Of course, I’ve done that very thing a few times this past year! Please allow me to explain why. I submitted my first article to ABJ for the October issue of last […]

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California Dreamin’ – Part 2

The almond pollination market is dynamic, but I haven’t heard of much change since last month. It appears that beekeepers affected by drought and heat have taken their losses and readjusted their expected numbers of colonies. Many who hoped to make increase were not able to do so. A number of California beekeepers are reporting […]

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California Dreamin’ vs. California Reality: The Status of Almond Pollination for 2007

By Randy Oliver with Keith Jarrett © Randy Oliver 2007 Photos to be added Last year California relived the Gold Rush of 1849. But this time the rush was not for the precious metal, but rather to high pollination rents in the almond groves. In both “Rushes” the elements of rumor, speculation, greed, and financial […]

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