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Treatment For Nosema

The “Nosema Twins” – Part 5 Alternative Treatments

© Randy Oliver The more I learn about CCD and other colony maladies, the more I am impressed by the fact that honey bees are currently dealing with a complex of novel parasites, pathogens, vectors, stresses, and immunosuppressants. The nutrition/parasite/virus complex appears to me to be where the main action is, and viruses seem to […]

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The “Nosema Twins” – Part 4 Treatment

© Randy Oliver Beekeepers had a hard enough time dealing with Nosema apis. What can we do about N. ceranae? Unfortunately, we are currently not very far up the learning curve. The best we can do is to take what we know about N. apis prevention and treatment, and modify it to hold our own […]

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Field Trial of Several Nosema Treatments

Progress Report by Randy Oliver 2008 Introduction With the discovery of Nosema ceranae, and due to reports that the standard treatment with fumagillin may not provide adequate control, I ran a long-term trialhof various treatments, and methods of application, with nosema infected colonies. I continued to run the trial beyond the expected effects of treatment […]

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Nosema Ceranae: Additional Reports and Ramblings

Allow me to swap hats, and now speak to you as a beekeeper. As I was writing this article, I was asked similar questions by a number of beekeepers. Here they are, with answers to the best of my knowledge: Q: My bees tested at 2 x 106 spores per bee this summer—is that serious? […]

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Nosema Drench Treatment Trial

A test of the “drench” method of nosema treatment In previous articles in this journal, I’ve summarized what we know about Nosema ceranae, its pathogenicity, detection, and treatment. I wondered whether N. ceranae would prove to be as virulent in North America as it appeared to be in Spain. There were also a number of […]

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