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Research Updates

Walking the Walk Selective Breeding for Mite Resistance; 2022 Update, Part 1

Contents Resistance vs. Tolerance or “Survival” 1 Managed apiaries vs. natural evolution. 2 Background. 3 The necessity of Mechanical Agitators 3 The resistant colonies 6 So what’s our progress so far?. 10 A built-in lag inherent in open mating programs 13 Exhibit A: Mite-count tracking for our 2022 breeders 14 Coming. 16 References. 16   […]

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Refining the Mite Wash: Part 2 – Mite Release

Refining the Mite Wash- Part 2 Mite Release Randy Oliver ScientificBeekeeping.com First Published in ABJ in August 2020 The high efficacy of hand dishwashing detergent at getting mites to release their grip on bees bestirred me to investigate this finding more deeply.  What I’ve come to realize is that there are four steps involved between […]

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Suggested protocol to determine amount of mite immigration

Suggested protocol to determine amount of mite immigration Randy Oliver 8 February 2018 The methodology for quantifying the number of mites invading a hive per time period is relatively straightforward: At least six weeks in advance (I suggest mid May), choose one or more strong, healthy hives to monitor.  In order to avoid inadvertently selecting […]

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Tips for Citizen Scientists

Tips for Designing Bee Research Projects Beekeepers are known for being of curious and experimental minds. Since factors affecting beekeeping are continually changing, new unanswered questions are bound to arise; the beekeeper “citizen scientist” can often answer them himself by performing a well-designed experiment, and then share those results to the benefit of everyone. But […]

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The Bee Convention Circuit 2009

The Bee Convention Circuit 2009 Randy Oliver Scientificbeekeeping.com First Published in ABJ in March 2009   Winter brings us beekeeper conventions, both at the state and national levels. Conventions present scientists the opportunity to present their current research, marketers of new products to make their pitches, and for beekeepers to share their practical experiences. The […]

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A Test of Using Synthetic Pheromones to Initiate Midwinter Broodrearing

Research Note A Test of Using Synthetic Pheromones to Initiate Midwinter Broodrearing Randy Oliver ScientificBeekeeping.com First published in ABJ July 2010 Objective: to determine if the addition of either ethyl oleate (EO) or synthetic brood pheromone (BP) to colonies prior to the winter solstice would stimulate broodrearing, with the potential practical application towards producing stronger […]

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